About The Allergy Collective

The Allergy Collective was founded after our family was introduced into the world of allergies 10 years ago. My daughter has multiple severe allergies, eczema and asthma. At the start of our allergy life I felt alone, unheard and confused with what was ahead. Over the years we have experienced lots of different events that have been challenging, and we have learnt to approach life with allergies in a confident manner. This is not easy and not all days are positive of course! We have travelled, my daughter started nursery and school, we have experienced food challenges in hospital to name a few. I decided to start The Allergy Collective to help other families living with allergies to approach their life with confidence and to help them thrive in a world that can sometimes feel lonely and isolating. Please connect with us, here or on Social media - we would absolutely love to hear from you!